I am in need of a wheelchair as, 5 compression fractures in my back prevent me from using my walker. I'm 76 years old and my Dr. said surgery is out of the question because of my compromised immune system I would probably develop a serious infection. Thank you, Please call if you have one available. 444-9537
They don't necessarily have to be old. I need them for an ongoing project and need about 15-20 of them. They don't have to be the EXACT size mentioned, but I can't handle too much bigger and a lot smaller would just make the project "unbearable." They also need to be out of a metal that is magnetic (so not aluminum, etc.) They won't be used for baking so it's okay if they have crud on them, a l...
I'm looking for some yoga, dance or sports magazines. I'll be using them for reference photos for sketches. With gratitude, Katie
In need of a working ride on mower and/or small tractor. Thanks
In need of a walk behind brush cutter or weed trimmer for tall grass and heavy brush. Thanks
We are looking for a good quality upright exercise bike for home use. Folding preferred. With adjustable resistance, rpm indicator, timer.
im looking for tops out there who is down to travel to the eagle mountain casino. wild aggressive dominant guys a plus
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